Q  Is this a breakout PCB? The interfacing wires are not visible in the pictures provided so I  

    wanted to be sure that this module can be readily used, preferably on a solder less


A  Pads available on pcb to connect wires.

Q  The product details say, With built in controller and memory". How much is the on-board


A  This controller and memory is for refreshing and controlling display

    It is not available externally.

    It means there is no overheads on the host controller and memory.

Q  It is mentioned in the product details that "Source code provided, will it come with any

    CD/Datasheet PDF? If not then where can I download them from?  

A  Once you purchase the TFT we will email you the source code


Q  Is there display with touch screen available?

A  Yes 3.5'' & 2.8'' TFT has a touch screen option.

    5 and 7 inch also have touch screen option

Q  Is it necessary to buy demo kit?

A  Most of our clients have been able to successfully interface TFT to their target with the source

    code documentation provided by us without purchasing the demo kit


Q  which controller ic used in these TFTs?

A  we  do not disclose the controller ic details used in these TFT . The source code  

    documentation provided is enough to interface the TFT to your target


Q  do I need to have high end processor to interface these tfts?

A  no. our demo kit uses 8 bit 8051 microcontroller


Q  how many minimum port lines needed to interface these TFTs?

A  a bare minimum of 4 port lines  are more than enough to interface these TFTs to your target


Q  the processor I use do not have a dedicated spi port . can I still interface these TFT to my


A  yes  if you do not have a dedicated spi port . you can use the port lines in bit banging mode.

    Sufficient source code and documentation provided to use these TFT in  true spi mode or in  

    bit  banging mode.


Q  what products tinylcd offers for Raspberry PI?

A  Raspberry Pi is becoming a universal hardware for beginners to professionals

    Because of its open source architecture and low price

    Tinylcd is also trying to bridge the gaps in raspberry pi

    By providing

    Varied range of display screens from 3.5 to 17 inch  at reasonable price

    Resistive Touch panel for 3.5/5 and 7 inch screen

    Capacitive Touch panel for 7 inch Screen

    Capacitive Navigation keys

    Real time clock


Q  Do you ship these lcd's to countries other than India? 

A  Our overseas clients can visit http://neosecsolutions.com


Q  can I buy tft without PCB to save cost?

A  If you are using our TFT for first time. We recommend you to buy TFT with pcb

    Once you have tested our samples with pcb and fill confident. 

    next time onwards you can buy our TFT without pcb to save cost.


Q  do you have any product for BBB ?

A  soon we will be launching 3.5 inch and 7 inch display for BBB with touch panel


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