3.5'' TFT Display + Touch Screen + separate Navigation Keys + RTC for Raspberry Pi A+/ B+/ 2/ Zero/ 3 (40 pin)

3.5 Inch Color TFT SPI Lcd Display Module + Touch Screen +RTC & Separate Navigation keys for Raspberry Pi A+/ B+/ 2/ Zero/ 3. With SPI Interface, 320 X 480 pixels

4 nos. capacitive navigation keys with 1 Select/Enter/OK key.

♦ 40 pin break out board for Raspberry Pi A+/ B+/ 2/ Zero/ 3

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3.5 inch TFT Display + Touch Screen +RTC & separate Navigation Keys for Raspberry Pi A+/ B+/ 2/ Zero/ 3

This TFT provides a 3.5” display for the Raspberry Pi (RPi). It features a 3.5” TFT LCD 320x480 resolution display, touch screen & and five capacitive buttons.

This TFT LCD connects directly to the GPIO connector of the RPi.




  • 3.5” TFT LCD Display, 320x480 Resolution
  • Resistive touchscreen and touchscreen controller
  • 5 capacitive buttons
  • DS1307 real-time clock/calendar
  • CR2032 lithium battery provision to maintain correct time and date on power loss.
  • Additional GPIO connector given on TFT pcb to use rest pins for other use.
  • Powered directly from the Raspberry Pi, no additional power required



           GPIO pins used for TFT LCD Display.


           RPi                                             3.5'' TFT

       pin1  3V3  ------------------------------------  TFT  3V3 / TS 3V3

       pin18 GPIO24  -----------------------------  TFT RS

       pin19 GPIO10/MOSI  --------------------  TFT MOSI / TS DIN

       pin24 GPIO8/CE0  ------------------------  TFT CS

       pin23 GPIO11/CLK  ----------------------  TFT SCLK / TS DCLK

       pin22 GPIO25  -----------------------------  TFT  RST

       pin12 GPIO18/PWM  --------------------  TFT BL

       pin6  GND  ------------------------------------ TFT GND

       pin21 GPIO9/MISO  ----------------------  TS  DOUT

       pin29 GPIO5  -------------------------------  TS PENIRQ

       pin26 GPIO7/CE1  ------------------------- TS CS

       pin13 GPIO27  ------------------------------- LEFT KEY

       pin16 GPIO23  ------------------------------- RIGHT KEY

       pin11 GPIO17  ------------------------------- UP KEY

       pin15 GPIO22  ------------------------------- DOWN KEY

       pin7 GPIO4  ---------------------------------- SELECT KEY

       pin3 GPIO2/SDA  --------------------------- RTC SDA 

       pin5 GPIO3/SCL  ---------------------------- RTC SCL


In case you want Image on SD card visit below link 





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